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Stroller Depot is a family owned stroller, infant car seat and baby product company located in Littleton, Colorado. We are the oldest continuous running online stroller and car seat retailer. We focus on Customer Service, here to help you find the perfect stroller and infant car seat making a sometimes difficult job simpler. Call 303-798-7918 to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about (who has actual experience with the strollers we sell). Stroller Depot undoubtedly has the best customer service for all your stroller and infant car seat needs. Also, if you get a chance, make an appointment to check out our 150 plus stroller and car seat showroom located in Littleton Colorado. The largest showroom west of the Mississippi.

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The Beginnings

The Search
In the mid 1990's, Rosanne Pitzer, mother of two, a registered nurse and former cardiac drug sales representative for Merck, had difficulty finding a product she had seen called the Sit'n'Stroll.  With her husband Grant-a pilot for Delta Airlines-she would travel often with her child and had seen another passenger with this brilliant car seat stroller combination.  After tracking down the Sit'n'Stroll and using it extensively in her travels, Rosanne fell in love with the product and decided to find a way to make the Sit'n'Stroll more available to other families.  She met with the manufacturers of the Sit'n'Stroll for help.  The result ...


A Company is Born
With the advent of this great new technology called the internet, our predesessor Rosanne began her website in 1998 featuring the Sit'n'Stroll.  However, she soon learned there were many other strollers not readily available to families in their local areas and began offering a wide selection of products from both well known and lesser known manufacturers.  Operations began in her basement with the help of family members.  UPS and other carriers delivered and picked up products on a daily basis.  Her basement filled as she added new brands. Soon, running the Company became overwhelming.  After the tragedy of September 11th, Rosanne decided she would no longer maintain the hours required to run the Company and that her children need more of her.  She turned for help to those who had helped her get started.  Tim and Tom Weeks came into the picture and bought the business from Rosanne.  They than ran the the successful online company for many years up until it's sale in 2011. 



Today, the company has moved from its humble basement beginnings to a 5000 plus square foot facility in Littleton, Colorado. (8171 S. Grant Way, Littleton, CO, 80122).  To this day still remains one of the largest Retailers of Baby Gear. Please visit brands for a complete list of our products.

For years, we have specialized in hard to find double strollers, triple and even quadruple strollers. From umbrella strollers, to travel systems, to jogging strollers and European prams, we carry the products and accessories you are trying to find.

Having started in 1998, StrollerDepot today remains the oldest continuous running online stroller retailer. Through it all, we have remained committed to you, our customer. Our entire team prides itself on our knowledge of the products we sell and our friendly customer service. We only sell those products we trust and from those manufacturers we trust. Your feedback is always important to us as we continually evaluate our products and services. We would love to hear from you. Click here for our contact information.

Built on Service
Stroller Depot is built on giving you the best quality and customer service.  Our staff will go above and beyond for your family and baby gear needs.

Thanks for visiting us today. Remember, if you're not strolling in style, you should probably just stay home!