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Airplane Travel Tips

Let's face it, nobody is excited about holiday airplane travel. Too many people cramped together in long lines is a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, the airlines make baby and toddler travel relatively easy and as painless as possible. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee the same can be said of your fussy toddler. With a little preparation and a few handy tools, travelling with kids can be smooth sailing.

Most airlines do not consider a car seat part of a traveler's checked baggage. If an airline charges for checked baggage, the car seat will usually fly free. If you choose to take the car seat with you on the plane, there are a few things you should know. If your child is under two and you did not purchase a ticket for them, you may or may not be able to take the car seat on board, depending on how full the flight is. If there is an open seat, chances are they will give the seat to you so that you may use your car seat, however this is also not guaranteed. If you get to the gate and find out the flight is fully booked, the flight staff will check your car seat for you at the gate. Having a stroller travel system is a convenient way to bring your car seat and your stroller with you while travelling. If you have a stroller travel system like the Orbit Stroller Travel System or the Graco Stroller Travel System, then your car seat will just automatically tag along! Another option is to turn your car seat into a stroller. has Lilly Gold Sit-n-Stroll which does just that!

Bringing your stroller with you through the airport is helpful in many ways. First of all, a stroller is a safe, secure place to keep your child from running away. A stroller also doubles as a coat rack, a purse holder and, if you have a cup holder, the perfect place to put your drink!

Accessorizing your stroller can make a huge difference in the happiness of your child. Adding a snack tray to your stroller will not only give your child a place to put their snacks, they also now have a place to color, play with molding clay or drive their cars. There are also a variety of books that attach to strollers via Velcro straps or plastic rings, eliminating the need to bend over and pick up objects thrown from the stroller. also offers a variety of organizers, comfy buntings, inserts and all-weather covers to keep baby warm and cozy while they relax in their stroller.

Proper covers are very important in order to keep your stroller and car seat looking beautiful. offers a number of stroller travel bags straight from the manufacturers to insure your gear makes it safely to your destination. Would you like to bring your Astro High Chair with you on your trip? There's even a travel bag made for that too!