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All Terrain Strollers

Your standard stroller is wonderful for the grocery store, the mall and an easy stroll down the sidewalk. But active parents need a stroller that is capable of navigating hills, grassy areas and a few bumps while keeping baby safe and undisturbed. This is where the all terrain stroller comes in. These strollers are built for stability while running, jogging or walking in campgrounds, parks, tracks and other areas.

Most all terrain strollers have three wheels, but four wheels are also an option. Strollers for twins, triplets and quadruplets are also available. Some all terrain strollers have a pivoting front wheel and others have a fixed front wheel. If you go long distances in a straight line, the fixed wheel offers more stability. But for navigating rough terrain or in confined spaces, the pivoting wheel is much easier to maneuver.

The larger the wheels of the all terrain stroller, the rougher terrain it is capable of navigating. For relatively smooth surfaces, such as the track or the sidewalk, 12 inch wheels are fine. If you need to traverse over some grassy areas or a few hills and turns, opt for 16 inch wheels. For really rough terrain, such as rocky areas, buy a model with 20 inch wheels or larger.

Also consider the weight of the stroller. The rougher the terrain you need to push through, the lighter weight you want the stroller to be. You also need to think about how well it fits in the trunk of your car, where you will store it at home and how easy it is to set up and collapse when you are ready to go.

All terrain strollers are available from very basic units to models with all the bells and whistles. Canopies are a great accessory, and keeps baby's eyes out of the sun. Many canopies are waterproof, making them an excellent choice for rainy days. Be sure the stroller has plenty of room for a diaper bag, snacks and drinks for the trip. Cup holders and snack trays are another great convenience.

Remember that adding features also adds to the cost and the weight of the model. Get the ones you are willing to pay for and push around, and pass on the options that only add to the price, weight and bulk of the unit. Adjustable handlebars are a great option for parents of different heights. Pushing a stroller while hunched over isn't good for your back.

Safety features should include a five point harness for keeping the child secure during the journey. Another great safety feature is a wrist tether. This strap attaches your arm to the stroller and keeps the stroller from running away from you if you trip or fall. Tons of colors and styles are available, so get one that suits your own personal taste.