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Back to School Savings

The beginning of each new school year can put quite the pinch on your budget. Just when you think you have taken care of everything your children will need for school...they bring home their supply lists.How do you shop smart and find the best deals on all the crayons, rulers, protractors, and notebooks your children need? Below are a few suggestions on ways to make your budget stretch farther in order to give your kids all the tools they will need to succeed at school.


1.    Store to Store Bargain Shopping

 If you have the time and energy it pays to compare! Go from store to store and see where the best deals are. Get crayons at one, pencils and notebooks at another. It might be a little bit more work on your part but you will definitely see the benefits of it in the end. You can make it easier on yourself by looking at weekly adds in the paper and even get special discounts that way. Also, check out the Google Comparison toolwhich helps you compare on items like colored pencils from store to store. Try to calculate the cost of travel (gas expenses) into your budget. Don't catch yourself driving 30 minutes and using up $10 in gas to get 50% off of a few notebooks!


2.   Do Online Homework

While advertised store sales can save you money, the World Wide Web is your number one discount center for school supplies. You can find deals online that you will not be able to find anywhere else. It takes a little bit of searching but most of the time it beats the footwork you will have to do to get the same deals by driving from store to store! Here are a few great coupons to start your back to school savings! $5 off purchase plus $.01 deals on tons of items. Click HERE. 20% off entire purchase (website only).  Use Coupon code CRABTS10 $20 off a purchase of $100 or more. Use coupon code 401429641 10% off & Free Shipping on Select Jansport Backpacks. Click HERE.

Make sure you calculate in the shipping costs and taxes when comparing to other websites. Some offer free shipping and some can lower prices because they have outrageous shipping costs!

3.   Only Buy Necessary Supplies

How many times have you purchased expensive book protectors, binders, and calculators only to find out that your child doesn't need it or that the school allows it's students to borrow them? Wait until after the first day of school for a specific list of school supplies. Even then, you may want to call your child's teacher and verify that all items are necessary. Whatever you do make sure you go to the store with a list! Going without one can prove to be a very expensive mistake!