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Easier Pregnancy-Quicker Recovery

The beauty of birth and delivery is memorable. What about the nine months of backaches, mood swings, lack of sleep and more? There are steps you can take to improve pregnancy and possibly childbirth. Exercise is a key to staying healthier and happier during pregnancy.


Some studies have suggested that exercise during pregnancy will help in many ways. Most routines will be beneficial as long as you are not overdoing what your body can handle. Check out these benefits:

  1. Less fatigue
  2. More energy
  3. Strengthens muscles for delivery
  4. Quicker recovery of postpartum
  5. Quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight
  6. Easier birth
  7. Shorter labor and birth
  8. Fewer cesarean surgeries
  9. Overall feeling of good health.

Benefits to exercise include more than those mentioned above. Everyone woman has different needs. There are many exercise programs that are specific to your needs. Ask your doctor what exercises you can try to reach particular goals.


Make sure you check with your health care provider before starting any kind of exercise during pregnancy. Most women are able to continue steady exercise as they did before pregnancy. You may want to take it easy if you did not exercise much before becoming pregnant.

  1. Check with a health care provider before exercise.
  2. Take in extra calories to compensate for nutrients.
  3. Stay hydrated! Drink more fluids than normal.
  4. Prevent over exhaustion. Dress with loose fitting clothing.
  5. Practice healthy eating habits.
  6. Warm up and cool down properly to avoid stress and injury.
  7. Avoid lying straight on your back. This can cause dizzyness.
  8. Keep a diary of how you feel while you exercise to track your progress.
  9. Listen to your body. Your body will know when it is time to slow down.

Precautions will help you reach your goal. Enthusiasm to be fit is important but remember to watch for the safety of your baby. When you are able to take your little one home you will not regret a little extra hard work during your pregnancy as you recover faster. Let the benefits motivate you and the precautions keep you in the game!