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Best Vacations for Kids

It is hard to believe summer is halfway over! Make the most of the time you have left before your children go back to school and your tied down to a schedule once again. If you've been debating whether vacations with young children are possible we are here to dissolve your worries! Contrary to what you might think, the best time to vacation is while your family is young. Those years only last for so long...don't let them go by without enjoying a few adventures together!

What are the best places to take your children on that much needed vacation?  Take a look at a few suggestions...

Disney Days

Every child dreams of visiting Disneyland at least one time in his life. This is the obvious vacation pick for children seeing how it's built for kids! A chance to see all of their favorite Disney characters and discover a world of wonder will never be forgotten. You can find great travel packages and discounts online for Disney vacations. With a little bit of research you'll be on your way out of town before you know it!

Arizona Adventure

Not a theme park family? How about a great vacation to Arizona? This vacation is all about the scenery and the outdoors. If you're family loves boating and sunny days you'll love Lake Powell. It is popular for houseboating and great hikes. While you are there stop by the Grand Canyon which is a huge tourist destination. Arizona is also full of dude ranches and family resorts!

Sandy Summer

One of the best vacations for a young family is a trip to the beach! Not much can beat relaxing in the sun while your toddler spends his time building sandcastles. Sunny Florida and California are the typical beach destinations but have you thought of South Carolina? It's home to a 60 mile stretch of beach, water parks, dinner shows, and tons of child entertainment.

Outdoor Escape

Camping more your style? The western states are full of great camping spots! From Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Teton National Park you'll find amazing camp sites with breathtaking views. Colorado is home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park which is great for families. It is home to sand dunes of up to 750 feet - the tallest in North America - are dwarfed by the 13,000-foot peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. During May runoff, Medano Creek becomes a virtual water park, with gentle, kid-friendly flows.  

Destination Cruises

While some cruise lines aren't family friendly there are a few that will accommodate a young family. Cruises are great for families who don't want to worry about cooking or traveling in a car! Some cruise lines offer childcare services so you and your spouse can get away for a few hours. Carnival Cruise line is one of the best for planned family fun each day.



Whether you choose the mountains or a sandy beach as your destination you will not regret taking some time to enjoy some family time this summer.  Get out of your day to day routine for a while and catch some much needed fresh air!