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Boosting Your Child's Immunity

It is the time of year when you and your child are striving to stay clear of the seasonal flu and other viruses! There is no need to stay indoors all day for fear of your little one catching the bug. There are secrets to help boost your child's immunity system and keep them healthy all season long. Take a look at the following suggestions. It just may prevent your children from getting sick this year!

Children need vaccinations within their first week of birth. By month two they have most of their vaccinations. What about the years between age one and six? There are many preventative measures you can take to add to your child's immunity with vaccines. Check with your health care provider to talk about which vaccinations are appropriate and best for your child at their specific age.

Healthy Food Habits
It may be easy to put a few items in the microwave and say, "kids, have at it!" but to keep a child's immune system at its peak they need more than just your quick fix meal. Try following the food guide pyramid from the USDA website (provided in the resource website below). It gives customized food guides based on age, gender, and your child's daily amount of exercise.

Adequate Sleep
Children need varying amounts of sleep. How much is your child receiving? Here is a list of the amount of sleep your child needs for a healthy immune system according to age.


Hours Per Day

1-4 Weeks


4-1 Weeks


1-3 Yrs


3-6 Yrs


7-12 Yrs




If your child is implementing the food guide pyramid into daily habits they may have the necessary amount of vitamin intake. If your child has special needs (such as a picky eater) you may consider adding vitamins to their diet to improve his or her immune system. Vitamins to include in your child's diet include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Fluoride, and Zinc.

Healthy Home Environment
How often do you clean your home with a product that fights bacteria? Do your children wash their hands often? There are actions you can take at home to prevent your child from contracting any germs that either they or other family members have come in contact with throughout the day. Take a quiz on the Baby Zone website to find out how healthy your household is currently!

Immunity matters, especially during this time of year. Help your children stay clear of any sickness by following these tips and your children may be healthy and happy all season long.


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