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Building Family Unity

Is your family as close and connected as you would like? You may not realize it but starting to build family unity while your children are young could be one of the best preventers of unnecessary trials in the future. A tightly bonded family can help each other get through anything! You might be thinking that is something only certain families can have and not yours. But you can! Even if you have unruly teenagers you can take some steps towards a closer and happier family if you implement a few steps into your family's daily routine.

Listen to One Another

If everyone in your family can learn how to be a good listener your family will automatically be able to bond better. Actually listening to what the other person has to say instead of thinking what your response will be while they are talking makes quite the difference in how that person perceives the sincerity in your reply. There is plenty of time to think of how to reply after the other person is finished speaking. Give them the attention you would want them to give you. Families who communicate and listen well are found to be much closer and unified.

A Family Value Statement

Just like mission statements for companies a family values statement will give each person in the family and idea of what the family is working towards. Each person should be included in the process of making the values statement and should include things like honesty, sharing, responsibility, trust, etc. If a cohesive effort is given towards achieving the value statement you will see it is easier for your family to connect to one another and be kind to each other.

One on One Time

It might seem odd that one on one time would build family unity but it is important for siblings to bond with one another and parents to children. Try to set up special times each day or each week for brothers to go out and do something together or for you to take your son or daughter out for ice cream or to make dinner together or just play some catch. Doing so will create fond memories for both you and your children and will help them appreciate the small moments that are lost in the busy world we live in today full of commotion and havoc.

Family Date Night 

Let's face it. It's tough to get the family all together at the same time with kids who have practices for all of their sports and extra-cirricular activities, parents who both have jobs, and all the other important things we cram into our busy schedule. However, if family unity is important enough to you it is crucial that you set one night apart from the rest of the week dedicated to spending time with the whole family. Some suggest Sunday evenings whereas most don't have big plans during that time. Try not to set the date night up where you are destined to fail such as a Friday night where kids are bound to find something else to do. Try out fun activities and make sure to mix it up to keep each member of the family involved. You might try...

  • Bowling
  • Crafts
  • Movies
  • Walks
  • Baseball game
  • Picnic
  • Board games
  • Swimming
  • Fishing

The best way to bond is to spend quality time together. So try and make it a priority at least one night a week or even a month if that is all you can squeeze in. Any little bit will help!

Volunteering and Serving Others Together

One of the best things your family can do together to bond is to serve others! You can volunteer at the local soup kitchen or at assisted living centers. Get creative and search for opportunities for your family to serve in your community. It will help your family appreciate what they have and create healthy relationships while they are at it!

All of these ideas can be implemented into your family while your children are still young. In fact, waiting until your children grow up can make it harder to try and begin family bonding activities. Strengthening the bond between family members will prove a successful investment of your time over and over again.