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Great Ways to Childproof Your Home

Are you a first time mom who is worried about your child's safety around your home? Are you having trouble knowing where to start when childproofing? No need to stress! If you take each piece of advice and apply it room by room your task will become much easier! However, childproofing is not something to be taken lightly. Taking time to ensure the safety of your baby or toddler is very important. Many accidents happen each year that could have been prevented by making just a few simple changes to the home.  Below is a list of ways to help you begin the process. With this list you can divide and conquer each room and have the peace of mind that you have created a safe environment for your child to grow up in.

Living Room

Keep your furniture away from windows. This might be a difficult task if your house is full of windows but especially try to keep furniture away from windows that are on second stories or higher. Children can easily crawl onto windowsills and push through a screen.

Secure your bookcases, shelves, and other heavy furniture to walls so they do pose a risk of falling down if children happen to climb on them. Also, make sure that these items are not top heavy by keeping heavier items like books on the bottom and lighter ones on the top.

Curtains & Blinds
Check to make sure that your blinds and curtains do not have looped cords. If possible don't place your baby's crib next to curtains or blinds in order to prevent an accident. If you have to place the crib next to a window with curtains or blinds use cord shorteners or wind-ups as a prevention tool.



Safety Latches
Install safety latches on every cupboard and all doors so that your child doesn't have any risk of accessing dangerous chemicals or anything poisonous. Make sure to buy ones that adults can easily open and shut so they do not become an annoyance. Here is a great website that rates childproofing

Try and use the burners on the back whenever possible. Turn the handles of pots and pans inward and away from the edges of the stove to keep children from getting burned or injured.

Keep toasters, blenders, and coffee machines far away from the edges of countertops. Many children are curious to touch everything and will do anything they can to get to them!



Toilet Locks
This will prevent your children from falling in and keeping them out of unsanitary water.

Unplug and Store
You should always try and remember to unplug and store your curling & flat irons as well as blow driers to avoid electric shock and burns. Make sure that the cords are out of the reach of children so they are not tempted to pull them down. 



Secure windows and doors
If possible, open windows from the top. If you have to open them from the bottom, try to keep it less than 4 inches. Remember to keep items away from windows to prevent children from climbing out.  Get door stops and/or holders to prevent children from getting their fingers shut in the door or the hinges.

Try to find an outlet that includes a sliding safety latch instead of putting outlet covers on. Children can quickly find out that covers come off and end up in their mouth.

Safety Gates
While not the most convenient item to have around the house it will prevent serious falls down stairs and keep them out of certain areas of the house that could pose a risk to your children.

It is important to remember that as a child grows the ways you childproof should change.  For instance, a safety gate will be effective only until your child begins climbing on items, after that the safety gate could become a danger to him. So keep your home updated and always supervise your child. Most accidents happen because parents looked away for only a few minutes. If you couple childproofing and supervision you will be able to ensure a safer childhood for your little one!