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Christmas Traditions to Cherish

Are you having a hard time thinking of something for your family to do this Christmas Eve? Do you want it to be meaningful and leave a lasting impression on your children? Christmas traditions are always ones to be cherished and carried on down through families.  However, it's not so easy to come up with new ones that will carry on for generations! We have found some creative activities that you and your family can enjoy together and will help bring the spirit of Christmas into your home this holiday season.

 ~Christmas Tree Giveaway~

Many less fortunate people spend the holidays in the hospital and need some Christmas cheer. Nothing says Christmas more than a Christmas tree! You can head to the craft store and even sometimes the dollar stores around town and find miniature Christmas trees. Gather enough for each child to decorate one and put their personal touch on it. Then on Christmas Eve you can take the trees to a hospital and hand the trees out to patients who are in need of some Christmas joy. Your children won't forget your example of charity and will forever remember this tradition.

~Secret Christmas Dinner~

Can you imagine not having enough food to feed your family especially on Christmas? Help make someone's Christmas brighter by having your family help make a Christmas dinner for some other family in your town who is not as fortunate as you. The recipient will never forget that act of kindness and neither will your children.

~12 days of Christmas~

Children love this tradition! Pick a family member, friend, or neighbor and treat them with special gifts each day starting 12 days before Christmas. Have your child sneak the gift up to the door, knock, and run! Its fun to keep your identity a secret and show your kids that giving gifts during Christmas is just as fun as getting them!

~Secret Pals~

To spread the Christmas spirit within your own family put everyone's name in a basket and have each member of the family draw a name out. Remember to keep it secret! During the month of December each person does random acts of kindness for the family member that they drew. On Christmas Eve everyone gives a gift to that same person and reveals themselves! It is fun for everyone to keep it secret and maybe the kindness will spread throughout the year!


Don't let this Christmas season pass you and your children by without making some cherished memories. Go ahead and try out different ideas. Observe how your children respond to each activity and try to pick up on the one's they enjoy and talk about the most. Your children will be more excited for Christmas to come each year if they have wonderful traditions to look forward to!