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Double, Triple and Quadruple Strollers

Parents with multiples or singletons close in age need a stroller to accommodate the entire family. Your first consideration is whether you want a tandem stroller or a side by side model. The benefits of a tandem stroller are easier navigation through doorways and other tight spaces. Tandems are usually easier to steer, as well. Side by side strollers provide the children opportunities to interact with each other, one of the greatest benefits of having multiple siblings! There is no right or wrong, just select the type that most suits your family.

Set a budget. Do this first so that you can evaluate each model for the features that you are willing to pay extra for and those you can do without. Then determine the weight that you are most comfortable with. Heavier models are sturdier and usually have more storage compartments and other features. Moms that frequently take multiple children shopping and on other outings might prefer to do without the extras and opt for a lightweight stroller.

If your family is especially active, you can choose a jogging or travel stroller for multiples. Some of the lightweight models are not sufficient for navigating parks, campgrounds, hiking trails and other areas with hills, rocks, grass and other landscape features. If your family likes to spend lots of time in the mall or other areas where the children will be in the stroller for long periods of time, invest in a model with lots of places for snacks, drinks, stuffed diaper bags and other necessary items.

A double stroller, triple stroller or quadruple stroller should also have a hood. This protects the children's eyes from the sun, keeps the wind to a minimum and keeps little heads dry in the rain. Also make sure the handlebars are at a comfortable height for both mom and dad when pushing. Check to see how easy it is to fold the stroller up for putting in the car or storing in a closet.

Some of the differences in price ranges come from options like convenience features, the quality of the frame, the types of wheels on the stroller and the ease of folding the model. Other price differences are for suspension, shock absorption, swivel wheels and safety features. Not all features are necessary, and not all options are helpful for all parents. Get the ones important to you and the money you save can go toward the children's other needs.