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Easter Games & Crafts for Kids

Spring is here with its long awaited sunshine and beautiful blooming flowers! Along with springs arrival comes the wonderful Easter holiday. Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do once the easter eggs are decorated and the hunt is over? How about a few Easter games to release all of that sugar energy your children have accumulated or making a few fun crafts! All the games and crafts listed below are family friendly and will put a fun twist on your Easter festivities this year!



Easter Relay

If it's a nice day outside take your children in the backyard and divide the family into two teams. Have them line up into two lines and give each team a spoon and an egg. Have them put the handle of the spoon in their mouths and the egg on the end of it and send them off! The first team to have each player get to the end of the race without dropping the egg wins! 

Hop To the Finish!

Again divide your family into teams or play individually. Make a start and finish line out in your yard. Then give a stuffed, styrofoam, or plastic egg to each team or player and have them place it between their knees and hop to the finish line.

Who's Got the Egg?

This game is especially fun for younger children. Cut out a large egg shape from a white piece of paper and have your family sit in a circle. Have one child be in the middle and close their eyes. Hide the egg under someone and have the child in the middle open their eyes and go around saying "Easter bunny, Easter bunny, who has the egg?" The child in the middle gets to have three guesses to find the person hiding the egg and if they get it right that child becomes the player in the middle.

Egg Bowling

This is a great way to use your decorated Easter eggs! Leave one hardboiled egg plain white and use it as the target. Then have each child grab their own colored Easter egg and try to roll their egg as close to the white egg as possible. The child who gets theirs the closest wins!



Sock Bunnies

Create adorable sock bunnies with items you have lying around the house! All you need is a sock, a rubber band, a ribbon, lentil beans, and some felt. Then all you have to do is follow the simple directions below!

  1. Use a spoon or a funnel to add dried lentils to a child's sock, filling it up just past the heel. Close the sock with a tightly looped rubber band.
  2. To create the head and neck, tie a ribbon around the sock just below the heel.
  3. Use scissors to cut the sock's cuff into two ears, rounding the edges to give them the right shape.
  4. Cut a nose, teeth, and eyes from felt. Attach the facial features and a white pom-pom or cotton ball tail with tacky glue.

Pop Up Egg



For this fun craft you will need cardstock, double-sided tape, and embroidery floss. Your younger children will enjoy making this craft.

1. Begin by cutting out three identical egg shapes from card stock (ours are 8 inches tall). Crease the eggs by folding them in half lengthwise and opening them back up.

 2. Cut card stock into strips of varying sizes from 3/4- to 1 1/4-inch wide and 9 to 12 inches long. Accordion-fold the strips so that there's about one inch between each fold.

3. Attach the ends of several strips along one edge of an egg using double-sided tape. Trim the strips so that they make a shallow arc across the egg's width, then secure the other ends in place.

4. When you've covered all three eggs, use double-sided tape to join their backs as shown. Between two of the sections, insert a loop of embroidery floss for hanging.