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Exploring Talents

During the early years of your children's lives their brains are growing and developing each and every day. The way they play and the activities they experience during those years will shape the way they perceive and acquire talents. Did you know that encouraging your children to play creatively will help them increase their ability to develop talents? Experimenting with crafts and playing outdoors is a great way to stimulate creativity and growth.  Try and expose your children to the most you possibly can in order for them to find a talent that they will excel at and enjoy.

Be a motivator...

Children should never be limited to certain talents. Our role as parents is to help them develop those talents and encourage them and become a motivator and cheerleader. Children will begin to show interest in certain areas as they experience different things.  Sometimes parents like to live out their own dreams through their children. In most cases this weakens the parent-child relationship and produces negative consequences. When children are pushed to do something they usually end up pushing back. So try to make sure that you are encouraging them to do activities that they are excited about.

How can you help?

Contrary to common belief, developing talents doesn't always require a lot of time or money. A few things that you can do around everyday are listed below to help your child develop his talents.

  1. Help your children believe that success is possible for them and not only for others who seem to achieve success easier.
  2. Set high academic goals. This helps them develop a sense of pride in their ability and will help them gain confidence in other areas as a result.
  3. Enroll your children in early education or head start programs. This is more valuable than most parents think. It gives your children a major advantage.
  4. Challenge them. Don't underestimate the ability of your children. You will find yourself surprised more often than not at what they can do! Give them a chance to show you what they are capeable of.
  5. Every time you take your child somewhere explain to them the different types of jobs that occur at the bank, grocery store, school, etc.  Try to be creative and go beyond the standard jobs with something like paleontologist, curator, or forest ranger. Doing so will help them realize the vast amount of careers available to them.

Environment of success!

The most important thing you can do to help your children develop their talents and achieve their potential is to provide an environment of success. Allow your children to choose their life's path. By nurturing your childrens desires it will allow them to reach even higher goals than they could on their own.  Attend their sports events, recitals, read their papers, and observe their works of art.  Commend them for pursuing their talents and give them hope for their future.  All a child needs is for someone to believe in them and they will live a wonderful life full of achievement and satisfaction.