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Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Have you ever wanted thanksgiving to have more meaning for your children than a break from school and a big meal?  It can be hard to get them excited without the incentives of candy or gifts, but it is possible! Thanksgiving can be a wonderful day full of fun activities, relaxation, and gratitude. Below is a list of activities and crafts that your whole family can enjoy to bring out the spirit of thanksgiving without putting a hole in your wallet! Make this thanksgiving one to remember with new activities, treats, and crafts for your children. 


    • A Thanksgiving Play- Do you have a mini director in your home? Help your child write up a script that includes the whole family in a re-enactment of "The First Thanksgiving." Don't forget to video tape the event, it will provide memories and laughs for years to come!
    • Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt- Don't know what to do after dinner? Take your children on a scavenger hunt through the neighborhood to walk off all that turkey and make room for dessert! Click on the link below for an example of a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt...

Disney Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Fun with Food!

Oreo Turkey Cookies- These cookies are always a great thanksgiving hit. Plus they are simple enough for the whole family to join in on the fun

What you will need:

1.      Bag of candy corn

2.      Package of double stuffed Oreos

3.      Whoppers

4.      Peanut butter cups

5.      White icing


1.      Gently pull apart half of an Oreo leaving the bottom side intact and fill gap with icing.

2.      Place 6 candy corns into the icing with the white side down to make feathers.

3.      Take another Oreo and place icing on the top edge of the cookie to allow your Oreo with feathers to stand on top.

4.      Take your peanut butter cup and slice of one side to create a flat edge, put icing on that edge and place it up against the Oreo.

5.      Place a whopper on top of the peanut butter cup to make a head.

6.      Cut the white end off of a candy corn and place it on the whopper with icing to create a beak.

7.      Pipe your feet and eyes with icing and you're finished!


Chocolate Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats- These treats are also very simple to make and turn out adorable. Your children will be sure to enjoy making this fun snack!

What you will need:

 1.      Chocolate-striped cookies

2.      Package of chocolate chips

3.      Large marshmallows

4.      Tube of yellow decorators' frosting


1.      Place the cookies face down on wax paper.

2.      Melt the chocolate chips in a bowl.

3.      Using a toothpick, dip the marshmallows into the bowl of chocolate and cover them completely.

4.      Place the marshmallows on the center of the cookie. If you need to you can use another toothpick to pry off the other one.

5.      Chill the pilgrim hats until set and then use the icing to create buckles.


Crafts for Kids

*      "I Am Thankful For" Tree- Grab a few different colors of paper and some markers. Have your children trace the outline of their hands onto the paper one or two times. Once everyone is done tracing. cut out the hands and have your children come up with five things they are thankful for and write them down on each finger. Next, cut out a tree trunk and place the hands above it and form a tree! You can even read what each person is thankful for at dinner and share a moment enjoying the meaning of thanksgiving.

*      "I Am Thankful For" Hat- Start by cutting out different colored feathers. Have your children write what they are thankful on each feather. Cut out a strip of brown paper long enough to wrap around hour child's head and glue the feathers to the middle of the strip. Staple or glue the two ends of the brown strip of paper to fit securely around your child's head and he'll have a thanksgiving hat to be proud of!

*      Thanksgiving Color Pages- Not the crafty type? Print off some fun thanksgiving themed coloring pages  to keep your children busy while you prepare dinner. Your children can even use their color pages as placemats for the big meal!