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Grocery Store Games

You may have never thought of the grocery store as an educational warehouse but it is! Why not take advantage of all the colors, numbers, and letters at the grocery store? By playing a few simple games with your child as you browse through each isle you can educate him too! Who knew the grocery store could be so educational? You'll be surprised how much your child will enjoy each of these games and before you know it he will be begging you to go grocery shopping! You may even find yourself looking forward to these fun trips together.

Grocery Store Colors

Red, green, yellow, can find it all at the grocery store! A great way to give your child some practice recognizing and naming colors is to take a piece of paper and write down the names of colors in big letters with a crayon that corresponds to each color (i.e. red,blue, green). Then have your child cross off each color as he finds it on items at the grocery store. You can even reward him at the end for crossing all of the colors off with a snack! Depending on his abilities you can make the color list long or short!

Another fun game to play that will help your child learn his colors is to have him sort the cart out onto the conveyor belt by each color. The tomatoes, peppers, ketchup, and strawberries could all fit into the red category. Then the pickles, broccoli, and lettuce in the green category, etc.


Grocery Store Numbers

There are endless ways to practice counting the grocery store. Your child can count how many isles are in the store, how many items left on the list, how many you have already crossed off, how many bananas are in a bunch and so on. Your child will learn how to count backward and forward all while you take care of your grocery shopping!

You can mix learning colors and numbers by having your child count how many green, red, or blue items are in the cart. Using the scale in the produce department can also create a fun guessing game. Each time you place a fruit or vegetable on the scale have your child guess how much it will weigh and see how many he can get right!


Grocery Store Letters

Last but not least, you can help your child explore the alphabet inside the grocery store. You can make a bingo card with different letters of the alphabet in each square. When he finds an item that starts with the letter "A" like apple, he can cross it off. If he gets a bingo you can reward him with something fun.  

Playing detective is entertaining too! Have your child imagine he is a detective looking for a green leafy vegetable that starts with the letter "l" and when he gets it right move on to another item with a different clue.

Each of these games will keep your child engaged and amused. He won't even realize he is increasing his ability to read, count, and pick out colors while he is playing these enjoyable games. If you don't have time to make up games on your own a quick way to find a few is to go online and check out a few sites that have grocery store game printouts ready for your use. Make your next grocery shopping trip an educational one!