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Help Your Child Sleep

Do you have a child who has a hard time sleeping? Have you had a day where no matter how hard you try to find just the right remedy nothing works to keep your little one asleep? There are secrets to help your child sleep through the night so you can receive the rest you need too! The recommendations given here will help your family get the rest you need and deserve.


Soothing Sounds
Many children that can hear certain sounds are soothed. A fan in the room turned on low can help a child feel safe and secure. You may also want to try reading or simply talking to your child. The sound of your voice helps your child naturally relax. Turn on the baby monitor with the transmitter off. The static from the monitor (on low) can soothe your baby enough to see him or her drift off to sleep. The sound of a washer or dryer can also help. Placing your baby near these items may be what your baby needs to fall fast asleep.

Walk or Drive
Children who do not respond well to laying in a crib or on a bed will not fall asleep easily. Try going on a walk or a car ride. This may be what your baby needs to feel stimulated enough to sleep. Put your child in a stroller or carriage. Swaddle your child in a blanket before putting him or her in a stroller. Try walking with them in a soft baby carrier if a stroller or carriage doesn't work. Some just need a little motion in order to sleep.

Your child may love the sound of music to a little dance while trying to sleep. Soft music works best. Play the music loud enough for the baby to hear but not too loud. A dark room can help in the soothing process. The closer your baby is to your body the more comfortable they may feel in this process. Swaddle your baby in a blanket and dance from side to side in a rocking motion.

Keep a routine
Just as adults need a steady sleep routine, children need the same kind of routine to be able to feel the need for sleep. Make sure your child understands the routine by giving cues such as a warm bath, a massage and dressing in pajamas. This will help relax your baby. Do this for every sleeping period during the day as much as needed. Your child will recognize this process and respond better each time you put him or her down to sleep.