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Holiday Travel Tips

Does traveling with your children drain every ounce of your energy before you even get to your destination? Does your tight schedule and stress level through the holidays keep you from traveling with your children? Well, you don't have to be afraid to travel with your children. With a few tips and tricks we have compiled you will be able to vacation with ease and enjoy the time spent with your family. Scroll down and find helpful hints on traveling by plane or venturing out on a road trip!


Be Prepared- You will thank yourself over and over again if you have all your ducks in a row before your trip starts. Prepare for the unexpected like flight delays, cancellations, sicknesses, detours, and weather delays. You can prepare by packing your carry-on appropriately with items airlines hardly ever have but items you may need when delays or sickness occurs.

Remember to pack things like...

  • An extra outfit for unexpected spills or accidents
  • Snacks to ease hunger on long flights
  • A favorite toy or a few small ones to prevent your child from getting bored and anxious.
  • An extra feeding bottle
  • Infant Motrin

Arrive early- No one wants to start off their trip with stress and panic. Standing in line and realizing your flight leaves in 5 minutes and you have at least another 30 left in line is one way to do that! Plan to leave an hour earlier than you think you would actually need. This gives you leeway for traffic jams, potty stops, and long lines. Getting to your terminal 30 minutes early is better than 30 minutes late!

Travel healthy- One way to help your travels go smoothly is to have everyone in the family healthy. Traveling sick is never fun for anyone especially for your children. Do your best to keep them healthy by washing hands, eating well, and giving them enough sleep.

Road Trips!

Keeping your children distracted, fed, and happy can prove to be quite the challenge on long car rides. Below are a few tips to help your travels be full of enjoyment for the entire family.

  • A great way to grab your children's attention is to provide them with a few new small toys. Head to the dollar store and pick up some new toys for your children for a different "surprise toy" periodically through the trip to keep them interested and happy!
  • Kids love doing things the "grown-ups" get to do. Let your children have their own disposable camera so they can snap shots during the trip and have there own memories down the road. They will love looking for their next snapshot and it will help keep them occupied.
  • You can print coloring pages off of the internet at or Have your children choose which pages they want to color for the trip. This is cheaper than buying a whole coloring book and lets them enjoy variety.
  • Pack snacks that you do not normally give out at home. These could include gummy bears, dried fruit, popcorn, string cheese, and juice boxes.
  • Always remember to bring your child's favorite comfort item like blankets or stuffed animals. A road trip without "fuzzy bear" could prove to be disastrous!

So now that you have the tips call up those friends and relatives you have been dying to see, and tell everyone this year is the year! Make this holiday season one full of fun, memories, and adventure by getting out of town and exploring with your family. The times you spend with your children traveling will be valued for many years to come. Do not miss out on your chance to create long lasting memories!