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Natural Teething Remedies

Are you in the middle of the teething stage or about to enter into the unknown world of long nights and endless cries? If so, keep reading!  On average babies begin teething around 7 months of age. Granted not every child is the same and some may show signs of teeth popping through sooner than 7 months and even later as well. All 23 teeth have to find their way through and in most cases it's not a delightful process!   We've compiled a few home remedies to soothe your little one during this difficult time in his life. Plus a few symptoms to be aware of that will hopefully help you diagnose the problem and help treat it before it becomes too painful.


Signs and Symptoms

If this is your first child you may not know exactly what to look for when your baby begins the teething process. You might notice a change in behavior but not know exactly what's wrong.  Some babies will not have a hard time at all during the teething process. Others may have a lengthy and painful experience. There is no telling exactly how your child will handle it but it's always best to be prepared! Here are the three main symptoms of teething to keep an eye at for in order to help your child as soon as possible.


If feeding, changing, and soothing your baby hasn't calmed them down chances are that your child has begun teething.  As his little tooth begins to rise to the surface it causes sore and painful gums.   If you have ever experienced tooth pain yourself you may remember it being difficult to keep the pain off your mind until the dentist fixed the problem! This is why babies are often fussy for long periods of time until they are accustomed to the feeling.

Biting and Gnawing

Because his gums are incredibly sore, your baby will find his own way of soothing the pain until you catch on. The most common way of doing so is to bite and gnaw on everything he can get his hands on!


Swelling of the gums can often times induce an increase in drooling. Around 3 to 4 months of age you might notice your baby begin to drool more often than before. This is a good indicator that your little guy is due for rough days ahead!


Natural Remedies

1.      Plush Chew Toys- Search the internet for organic chew toys made specifically for teething. They are out there! This will soothe your babies gums while the teeth are trying to break through.  Make sure the chew toys are not small enough to be swallowed or breakable while being chewed on.

2.      Cold Fruits & Veggies- You can mush up a few cold fruits and feed your child with a mesh feeder to soothe his gums. Large refrigerated or frozen pieces of carrot or celery, cut too large to place entirely in the mouth also provide a good soothing affect on the gums.

3.      Amber Teething Necklaces- Opinions on the effectiveness of these necklaces vary but most moms agree they look good!

4.      Ice Cubes and Slushies- Some moms take ice cubes and crush them into fine pieces to make a slushy and feed it by spoonful to their child to create a numbing affect. Or you can take your child's favorite drink and prepare it as a slushy as well.

5.      Washcloth- Possibly the cheapest remedy that works just as well as any other natural remedy out there is a frozen washcloth! You can also dip the cloth in chamomile tea before placing in your child's mouth.

Hopefully you have picked up a few tips and you and your little one are on your way to soothing that pain away!