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Must-have Items in Your Nursery

Are you struggling to figure out exactly what you need for your nursery? Having everything in order before the big day comes will relieve you of unnecessary stress enabling you to focus all your attention on your new baby! So do yourself a favor and check out these must have items in your nursery to ensure a stress free and happy arrival of your little one.


A Co-sleeper allows you to sleep near enough to your baby to give you peace of mind as well as give's you distance and allows them to become used to sleeping in a crib. It easily converts to a free standing bassinet, changing table, or playard, making it a great versatile piece of furniture! Pictured is the Arm's Reach Mini Convertible Co-Sleeper.

~Changing Table~

If you choose not to go with the convertible co-sleeper you are definitely going to need a changing table. Pick out one that allows you to store your diapers, wet wipes, baby powder etc. so you can keep your nursery neat and tidy!

~Crib Bedding~

This adorable bedding set is the one thing you can't do without! A comfortable bedding set will pull the look of your nusery together and give it some life quicker than any other accessory. Pictured is the Glenna Jean Scribbles Bedding Set.

~Infant Bouncer~

When your hands are full and your baby doesn't seem to want to calm down you will be so thankful you have a bouncer! It will keep your baby occupied so you can manage to get those few extra items on your to do list accomplished!

~Baby Bath Tub~

This item may not be the first one you think of but it certainly is important! It is much easier and safer to have a baby bath tub than trying to keep your baby above water and wash them with your own two hands! Pictured is the Safety 1st Deluxe Fun Time Froggy Baby Bath.

~Comfortable Rocking Chair~

Odds are you may be spending quite a few nights rocking your little one to sleep. So make sure you have a comfortable rocking chair that you can look forward to sitting in to make the night full of comfort instead of comfortless!


Keep your nursery organized by purchasing a few storage baskets for the misc. baby items you will accumulate over time. These baskets are great for just about anything you can imagine! Pictured is the Folding Nursery Baskets by Badger Basket.