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Raising Boys Vs. Raising Girls

Have you ever heard raising a boy is easier than raising a girl or vice versa? What makes the two so different? Some parents use drastically different methods for raising their son's and daughter's. Is that how it should be? Are girls and boys really all that different? Throughout this article you will have a better understanding of why boys love to play and girls love to love! Also, you will be able to see what you can do for your son or daughter to help them in their relationships for the future.

Society places different "norms" on each gender. For example, boys are active and girls are quiet and reserved. Boys are expected to be tough and to hide their feelings and girls are supposed to be sweet and caring. Boys should be involved in sports Does expecting this from children limit their capacity to learn and grow? Everyone has their different opinions on how children should be raised but take into account the ideas below and see if they make you think differently about the gender roles and differences.

Everyone Has Feelings

Why is it that boys are told to hide how they are feeling and always put on a front of being tough? It is important as a parent to realize that boys have emotions just as girls do and they need to be recognized and dealt with instead of repressed. Boys who are taught to express their emotions grow up to be more loving towards their children and a better husband. Also girls who are encouraged to be assertive and stand up for themselves tend to become more successful. Your children will benefit a great deal if you allow them to express both their strong and emotional sides of their personality.

Equal Opportunities

Boys are typically believed to excel more at math and science than girls. This notion keeps girls from trying as hard as they could and settling for the fact that they will just never be as good as boys in those areas. Never let predetermined expectations undermine their efforts in schooling, sports, and career goals. This goes for boys as well. They should be allowed to experiment with their creative side making arts and crafts and if they choose to move on to sports when they are older this will only help them!

Actions vs. Words

Clinical Psychologist Doctor Robin Alter explained the how different boys and girls are when it comes to expresses their love for one another as well as emotions. She states that boys are much more responsive to actions than words. Simply saying "I'm sorry" to them will not convince them near as well as showing them you are sorry. This is the exact opposite for girls. Girls tend to develop at a much faster pace verbally than boys. This is why they respond to words rather than actions. Girls like to "talk" through things while boys like to "work" through things. Understanding this concept is very important to the way you raise your child. Boys need to be shown that you love them and girls need to be told! There are exceptions to every case but if you see your child responding more to actions than words play off of that and see how they react.

All in all, boys and girls have many similarities and many differences as well. Experience with both will help you understand what works best. Remember not to limit your son or daughter to the social "norms" and to express your love for them in the way they can understand it the best. Creating an atmosphere where children can be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin will benefit them beyond imagination.