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Scrapbooking Tips Just for Moms

Are you wondering what to do with the last few months of winter? Pick up a new hobby and scrapbook your children's pictures! Scrapbooking is a relaxing activity that can entertain you for months at a time. Plus, your family and friends will be able to view captured moments of your little ones for many years. Make the most of the moments your family has and share those memories forever!

Capture Moments for Scrapbooking

Where do you start? Sometimes pictures need to be photographed with a goal in mind. Before you begin scrapbooking, take the suggested items below (or other ideas that come to mind) and get ready to make memories. Remember to team up with other mothers. Sharing ideas is a lot of fun!

  • Holiday Traditions
  • Vacation Memories
  • Birthday Memories
  • Sports
  • Children's Pets
  • Baby shower
  • Birth photos
  • First few months
  • School Days
  • Play dates
  • Friends

Scrapbooking Tips

Interview Your Child
Try interviewing your child and adding captions in your child's own words. Ask questions such as, "Do you remember going to the museum?" A child that is older might be able to share their favorite part of the museum, "the T-Rex!" Interviewing a child and putting their own words in their scrapbook will place a finishing touch to your creation. It truly makes their scrapbook personal.

Capture Emotions
Capturing those moments where your children show their emotions is especially important. Whether your child is showing their big bright smile or crying, you and your child will love looking back to these precious moments. Other emotions include: being frightened, a quizzical look, laughing, sleeping, frustrated, happy or surprised and so on.

Add a Special Touch

Save Memorabilia
Do you wonder what will make your child's scrapbook unique and exciting? Saving memorabilia makes your child's scrapbook as personnel as it gets. For example, a lock of hair from your child's first haircut shows your child's hair type and color during those first few months. Memorabilia makes each scrapbook exceptional and adds a touch of personality to every child's book. Other examples include: baby shower invitation, ultrasound pictures, awards and certificates, first movie or sporting event stub, dentist visit items, homework, etc.

Online Scrapbooking
If your not one to spend the time cutting and pasting, try the newest and easiest method of scrapbooking online! You supply the photos electronically and the rest is history. Your scrapbook is published and sent right to your front door!