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Secrets to Becoming a Happier Mom

Being a mom is one of the most challenging jobs a woman can have. With all of the responsibility you carry as a mother and the stresses of trying to do everything perfectly, you are left with little time and energy to worry about yourself. Most mom's are in survival mode during their first few years. Waking up, taking care of child, eating, and getting back to sleep (for a few hours at least!). The quickest way to get out of survival mode and into a happier and more fulfilling life is to focus on yourself a little bit here and there throughout your day. You may feel guilty for not focusing on your child 24/7 but the truth is that you are doing them a bigger favor because a happy mom is always more fun to be around! Take a look at a few essential areas that can help you become a happier mom and make life more enjoyable for you and your child!

Get Enough Sleep!- It is crucial for the sake of your sanity and for children that you get enough sleep every night. During the early years of your child's life this may be more difficult. But do your best to find a way to get the maximum amount of sleep possible. When you don't get enough sleep you may become irritable, and easily depressed. The quickest way to improve your attitude and outlook on life is to give your body the rest it needs.

Wake up early- The word early probably scares most moms. If you are like any other busy mom you try to stay up after your children go to bed to get everything done that you couldn't throughout the day which makes it harder to wake up early. By changing that habit and getting to bed earlier you will be able to get up earlier without losing sleep. If you can get up  a half hour or so earlier than your children it will give you time to start your day in peace and quiet and allowing you to refocus before your children are up and scrambling out the door. Starting out your day the right way will make a huge impact on how the rest of your day goes.

Little ways to celebrate- If you are a mom that has gotten into a daily routine that brings little excitement into your life try to find little ways to celebrate. Make special breakfasts for random holiday's or make up your own holidays to celebrate with your children. This will keep them excited and give you a way to change your routine every once in a while.

Take time for yourself- Mom's are superhero's in disguise. But even superhero's need some time to regain their focus. Go out to lunch with friends once a week or on a date with your husband. You can even just go in another room if you can't find a babysitter and read a book while your children nap. Fifteen to thirty minutes a day to yourself can make all the difference in your happiness level!

Be thankful- Sometimes it's easy to focus on everything that is going wrong throughout your day. Every day something will go wrong without fail, but if you focus on all of the things that go right throughout your day instead of all that is going wrong you will find yourself much happier. Be thankful for all of the small things in life that you get to experience everyday with your children. Before you know it your child will be raising their own children and you'll miss those great years you swore you could do without!