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Soothe Your Crying Baby

You've brought home your bundle of joy and can't wait to start the adventure of being a parent. You carefully lay your precious newborn down in her crib and sit down to rest after your first exhausting day as a parent when you hear her begin to cry. When a baby cries it is their form of communication. They haven't learned to speak yet so in order to let mom or dad know they are hungry, tired or sick, babies cry. You never know how much babies can cry until you have one of your own and take care of her day after day.  

So how do you soothe your crying baby? It is important to understand why your baby is crying.  Believe it or not babies have different types of cries for what they are going through at the moment.  Your baby could simply be uncomfortable or it could be something as simple as it's time for lunch! In time you will become an expert at knowing exactly what your baby needs, but for those first few months of chaos take these tips for soothing your baby into consideration.


The most common reason for persistent crying during the first few months of your child's life is because she is hungry! If it has been a few hours since your baby's last feeding and your baby is crying you should always try to soothe her with food. Other signs of hunger include putting hands in or around the mouth, smacking of lips, or fussing.


If it's not hunger that is feeding the cry your second best bed is a messy diaper. It is a quick and easy fix that will allow your baby to be back in comfort and peace. Other sources of discomfort could be noise or the position they are in. Signs of discomfort could be squirming or arching of the back in an effort to get away from the source of the discomfort. 

Lack of Sleep

The third most common reason for continuous crying is a lack of sleep. It is harder for babies to fall asleep than you may think. They typically need to fuss and cry for a while before drifting off to sleep so give it some time. 

Want to Be Held

Babies need a lot of comfort. They don't quite have a hold of the new world they are in yet and anything that is familiar to them will make them feel better.  The more you hold your baby the better! During the first few months of a baby's life is the most important time to create bonds between your child and yourself. 

Tummy Trouble

Whether its gas or a simple burping that needs to be taken care of it will be a quick and easy fix and stop the crying. Babies always cry for a reason. So if after you have finished a feeding your baby begins to cry try burping him or relieving him of his gas to suppress the crying.