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Spend Time With Your Family

With all the New Year's resolutions made throughout the years many focus on personal goals. These goals might include losing weight, financial success, becoming organized at home and work, and of course not missing out on one bowl game during football season. With all these goals we often lose sight of those we care for when only caring for ourselves. Statistics show that after the first week of striving to maintain a resolution only 75% remain focused on their goals. After two weeks 71% remain in the game. Only 64% after one month and 46% by 6 months are true to their resolutions. Imagine the statistics of those remaining just before the year is up! With these statistics, why not try choosing a resolution that will actually be resolved? Choosing a resolution where more than just one person is involved may increase the odds for reaching your goal and a happier lifestyle for all included. The phrase, "The more the merrier", will not refer to how much ice cream is in the freezer or the statistics of gross income but will shift towards the amount of time you spend with your family.

Love can grow within the family and it doesn't have to wait until February 14th to actually abound. Just moments a week can show your children how much you appreciate your family relationships within the home.

Below are some ideas that will bring your family together for a whole year of fun fulfilling a resolution at its best. Remember that reserving a specific time each week will help to increase the likelihood of following through with your family goal.

  • A walk at the park
  • Visit to the Zoo
  • Fly Kites
  • Play any sport
  • Build a fort / family slumber party
  • Visit the local library
  • Paint pictures, mural or a room
  • Food creations
  • Themed Movie Night
  • Create a family cookbook
  • Have a family "Idol" night / talent show


It didn't take Dorothy long to recognize that "There's no place like home!" Set aside time to nurture relationships with each of your children. What matters most to them is that they know you want to spend time with them. Make this New Years resolution count by staying focused on it throughout the entire year. You'll be amazed at what it does for your family!