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Stocking Stuffers

Have you wondered what to put in your children's stockings this Christmas? Sometimes our lives get so busy with the gifts of the season, we can forget about the stockings. Historically, stockings were filled with toys, candy, and a variety of fruit such as an orange. Today, traditions continue but many still wonder what to include to bring that element of surprise to a child. Below are a few fun ideas for great stocking stuffers.

Personalized Stuffers

  • Personalize small room accessories
  • Personalize jewelry
  • Personalize clothing


  • Small puzzle
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Small book or DVD

Traditional Treats

  • Homemade treats
  • Peppermint hot chocolate
  • Ginger bread house

Children always write to Santa but what about Santa's reply? Try topping off the stocking with a little reply from Santa Claus! Children love to know how good they are at what they accomplish. Give them a little praise for the little things they say and do that make you so proud. Spice up the note from Santa with something that will motivate them to be good all year long. If you haven't tried this activity it's not too late to start a family tradition that will create lasting memories.