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Summer Fun for Kids

Your children will be out of school soon and now you find yourself wondering how you are going to fill up all of their free time! Although the television is a cheap babysitter, it's best to keep your child's imagination and creativity alive while they are out for the summer so it's not so hard for them to get back into the routine for fall.  How will your children remember this summer? Will they remember it as one full of adventure and creative fun or as just a normal summer break in front of the television?

Often times curriculum in schools and lack of funding can force teachers to focus on fundamental skills and veer away from creative projects and assignments. That is why it is so important to help your children learn how to think outside of the box and to feed their creativity every chance you get especially during the summer break! Below is a list of fun activities both you and your child will enjoy all while making memories and spending precious time with your children.

  • Take a hike-It doesn't have to be strenuous. Your children will learn a lot about the outdoors by just spending time discovering all that it holds.
  • Let the kids cook dinner- The earlier they learn the less you have to cook! Depending on their age children may need extra help.
  • Carnivals and County Fairs-Taking your children around to see all of the animals and different displays at the fair or for a few carnival rides will always keep your children excited.
  • Make your own sidewalk chalk- It's fun an easy! Look up the recipe on the internet for quick simple instructions and then go create a few masterpieces on the sidewalk with your children! Don't forget to take pictures; your children will love to look back on what they created when they were younger.
  • Plant a garden- Have your children help you plant the family garden or most garden centers and children's gardens in a package that they can grow on their own.
  • Plant flowers- Your children will love to be a part of the growing process and you can teach them all about how plants grow!
  • Make a lemonade stand- Children are always up for ways to make a few dollars to spend at the toy store. You can teach them how to count money and create future marketers!  
  • Create science experiments- Kids love to watch things explode or bubble over! If you don't have ideas of your own the internet is full of fun at home science experiments that will engage your children's minds and add some excitement into your summer.
  • Write & Illustrate a book- Have your children make up their own story and help them write and illustrate it! Your children will be so proud of their work and will enjoy seeing what they came up with in the future.
  • Join a summer reading club- Your local library will usually host a summer reading club or you can start one of your own with a group of friends who have children the same age. This will keep your children progressing through the summer with their reading skills.
  • Make No-Bake Cookies- The summer heat makes cooking difficult, but no-bakes keep the house cool and give your children something simple to help cook!
  • Camp  out- Take your children up to the mountains and spend a weekend in the wilderness. Or if you don't have a whole weekend set a tent up in your backyard! Build a small fire and roast some marshmallows to make the experience complete.
  • Make clay pots- Craft projects that mix things up and involve more than crayons and paper are always great!
  • Picnic in different places- Take your children to the park, the lake, or to free concerts and eat lunch or dinner on a blanket! It's a great way to add some excitement to an otherwise normal day.

Each of these activities are kid favorites and will make your summers more adventurous and educational. Your children may not be in the classroom but that doesn't mean they have to stop learning! Have fun!