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BOB Jogging Strollers: Like Luxury Cars for Babies

If you like to jog while you're pushing your infant outdoors, and you want to ensure your baby has the most comfortable ride possible, then you certainly want to look into purchasing one or more BOB jogging strollers.


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The BOB Company was founded in 1994 in San Luis Obispo, California. Their first products were trailers that allowed bicyclists to increase the amount of goods they could carry on their bikes. From there, they branched out into a number of products related to bicycles, and then they started making baby strollers. In fact, the company made it their mission early on to create jogging strollers – or strollers that allow parents to jog while pushing their infants – that were among the highest-quality baby strollers in the world.

Among the first of the BOB jogging strollers was the BOB Sport Utility. This stroller offered infants the utmost in smooth rides and comfortable seating. The front wheel of this stroller is a fixed wheel, which allows the stroller to easily handle the friction and resistance created when wheels move along a surface at a high speed. In addition, the BOB Sporty Utility, as its name would imply, took its design cues from sport utility vehicles, giving them a unique and rugged appearance that easily set them apart from cookie-cutter baby stroller designs. After the Sport Utility, such models followed as the Ironman, which is similar in design to the Sport Utility only stronger and even more rugged (perfect for off-road runs), and the Revolution. The Revolution, an especially popular and award-winning model, has a front wheel that can either turn or remain stationery. When the wheel is turning, the stroller is much easier to handle indoors, and it can turn on pinpoint. BOB then tweaked the Revolution's design to create the Revolution SE, which adds such features as shock absorbers and rear tires that are filled with air, creating a model which offers a ride so comfortable and smooth a baby can easily fall asleep even when the parent is running at full sprint and even when a road surface is bumpy or full of holes. In fact, you may even find yourself becoming a little jealous when you look down and see how comfortable your baby is inside the seat of the Revolution SE. And some BOB strollers even come with exercise instructions, allowing parents or babysitters to get the most out of their workouts while pushing their babies along.

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