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Cybex Baby Products

Cybex is a major European producer of goods for babies. They appeal particularly to urban parents, as their products feature sophisticated designs and adornments. The company was founded by Martin Pos, a designer who, when surveying the strollers and other items his young children used, wasn't all that impressed with what he found in terms of design. He wanted to start a company that made baby products that parents would appreciate as much as the babies themselves did. The thought that a stroller would be as visually appealing and as fun to use for Mom and Dad as it would be for the baby who would ride in it proved irresistible, and it was this foundation that the Cybex Company was built on.

From its inception Cybex has employed top designers and draftsmen, people who work toward the goal of creating the finest and most innovative produces possible. Many of these employees are parents themselves, with discriminating tastes as to what they like and don't like in the products their young children use. The company is also known to bring in outside design firms, some of the most renowned in the world, to consult on products. For example, Cybex has joined forces with Koncern, a design studio in Prague, to create a line of infant car seats. Koncern is a studio that works with leading companies all over the world, including Panasonic and Absolut Vodka. Probably the only thing more important at Cybex than design is safety. Before their car seats will ever reach stores, for example, they will have to pass scores of crash tests to make sure infants riding in them will not be harmed upon impact.

The strollers that Cybex puts out are top of the line. They're lightweight and among the easiest to maneuver among all strollers available for sale today. But don't let their lightness fool you. The Cybex Ruby stroller, for instance, had a weight capacity of 55 pounds, and features a sun canopy that can provide UV protection of 50 plus, which are impressive stats indeed. The Onyx stroller likewise can handle up to 55 pounds, but this rugged instrument is truly comfortable for a child to sit in and also chic to look at. It might not be often that heads turn on busy city streets so people can check out a baby stroller, but you might find that that's the case with the Onyx.