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Mountain Buggy Tough Strollers

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. So when a mountain climber in New Zealand realized he needed a baby stroller that would allow him to explore the famous mountain trails of New Zealand with his newborn child, he decided he'd have to create such a stroller himself as none existed on the market. And so, in 1992, he created the original Mountain Buggy, perhaps the toughest and most rugged stroller in the world. Now, you don't have to be planning to climb Mount Everest with your baby to use this stroller. (That would get you on the evening news, though.) If you simply like to take your baby with you through parks, to the beach, on worn-down city streets, or on camping, hiking or fishing excursions, you should find that you'll get a lot of use out of a Mountain Buggy stroller.

Mountain Buggy has created a series of baby strollers over the past two decades, and over that span of time technology and manufacturing processes have certainly changed. What hasn't changed, however, is the spirit of the original Mountain Buggy buggy; every stroller the company creates emulates those qualities their first buggy possessed. More specifically, these strollers are tough, flexible, easy to use, streamlined in their design elements and highly adaptable. The company's product line has also expanded to include accessories, carrycots and travel systems, all which are tough enough to take with you across every mountain and hill that New Zealand has to offer. Part of their success in this area is the materials they choose to work with, including lightweight aluminum tubing, steel blind rivets and Nylon 6. These materials keep the strollers durable yet also aerodynamic and light.

Whether you're buying a Swift, an Urban Jungle or a Terrain stroller from Mountain Buggy, you're guaranteed a stroller that will be easy to maneuver, even if you only have one hand to use. You're also getting a product that exceeds the toughest international safety standards, and one completely free of asbestos and lead.

And anyone who's environmentally conscious will appreciate that Mountain Buggy strives to be as ecologically-friendly as possible, using as many recyclable materials and as many green processes in their manufacturing systems as they can. They continually find new ways of reducing their footprint as a corporation, too.