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About Our Company

UPPAbaby is an innovative American company with one mission: To make high-quality baby products that fit the needs of your new life as a parent, while appealing to the sense of style you’ve always had.

To do this successfully, UPPAbaby draws on a decade of experience in the juvenile industry and on our own inspirations as parents of young children. We look for ways to make our strollers and baby products lighter, more savvy, easier-to-use, even fun. We explore ways to deliver greater comfort and safety for baby, with convenience and style for Mom and Dad. We even challenge the homogenous look of most baby products, by creating sleek designs and more sophisticated, modern fashions. UPPAbaby strives to deliver the personal attention and customer service that you expect and deserve.

By pushing the edge on so many levels, UPPAbaby delivers the higher standards of innovation and style that discriminating parents appreciate. For us, it’s a matter of pride. For parents, it’s one more source of joy.

Bob, Owner and Product Development
Bob has spent more than a few years inventing and developing products for companies such as Ford, Reebok, The First Years and Safety First. Although he suffered some bangs and bruises along the way, we believe that his experience gives each stroller a well-rounded and robust spirit.

Lauren, Owner and Sales
In addition to battling 3 test subjects/temperamental models under 7 and running our test facility (ie: home), Lauren is often referred to as MOBI (Mitigator of Bad Ideas). Day in, day out, she provides a breath of sanity to Bob’s sometimes impulsive decisions. She also uses her Reebok licensing experience to provide strategic and legal input.


What Makes Us Different

Our products meet the most stringent industry standards required by the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). What makes us different though, is that we rely on our own real life experiences as parents to continuously set and raise the standards for safety, style and performance for which we’ve become known.

Customer Service
A recommendation from one parent to another is the highest form of flattery! A large part of our success is due to our incredible customer service team. We can’t say enough about them! We truly believe we have the most responsive customer service in the industry — and we provide the ultimate in personalized care and attention. Robin and her team would love to hear from you!

We stand by our products and are committed to supporting our customers and their families. Once we have confirmed your claim, we will try our best to repair or ship replacement parts (free via FedEx) within 24 hours. That’s the best warranty program in the industry.

UPPAbaby creates products you'll enjoy using as your baby grows uppa. It's an American company that prides itself on quality, innovation, and excellence in design and manufacturing. They make goods that are sophisticated, fashionable, but more importantly, goods that suit important purposes in the lives of babies and parents.

UPPAbaby has been in business for many years now. Among their most popular products over that span of time is their line of baby strollers. The CRUZ is one such model. This is a compact stroller that allows you to easily pass through tight spaces. Don't let the size fool you, though: the Cruz manages to pack in as many special features as you'd find on a full-sized stroller. It has a seat as large as any full-sized stroller, for instance, and a seat you can reverse so your child can face you. It's compatible with infant car seats, and it offers a 180-degree recline feature that you can operate with just one hand. The CRUZ will hold children weighing up to fifty pounds. Add the SnugSeat from UPPAbaby and you'll even be able to transport a newborn child in this stroller. And whatever age your child may be, he or she will be protected by the large, extendable sun canopy this stroller comes with (SPF 50+). If you have a taller child, you can raise the canopy higher, too, which is not true of many such sun canopies on the market. The shopping basket has 2.7 cubic feet of space inside - nice and roomy, great for shopping trips. And when you're done using the CRUZ, you can fold it up in one step real fast, even if the seat is still attached.

The VISTA is another classy stroller from UPPAbaby. The VISTA, which is suitable for all terrains - urban, rural or otherwise - can handle babies and toddlers, and will last years, maybe even generations. It's surprisingly sporty, too: almost like a sports car reimagined as a baby stroller. Like the CRUZ, the VISTA is jam-packed with convenient features. Its welded aircraft aluminum body makes the stroller lightweight and easy to control. There's a bassinet and a seat included; both are simple to install and equally simple to remove. You can add rubber bumpers for extra protection, and the handlebar is telescopic and adjustable according to your height. Weather and bug shields are included, too.