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Valco Baby Strollers, Accessories and More

Valco Baby is a family-owned business that operates out of Australia. It's been making baby products since the early 1980's, high-quality baby products that have won them fans and acclaim far beyond their home continent. One of Valco Baby's secrets is an innovative approach to testing their new products and making sure they're up to snuff: the employees of Valco use these products themselves! And when they pass muster with their own little ones, they know these items are suitable for the larger world.

Valco Baby strollers - comfortable for babies, attractive for adults - are among their top-selling items. These strollers, such as the Ion and the Latitude, come in a variety of styles, with a range of accessories to make them even more convenient to use. One of the best features of a stroller from Valco is that you won't have to keep replacing it. Rather, it will "grow up" with your baby. A newborn can be comfortably positioned within a Valco stroller, and you can extend the seat little by little so the child can later use it when she's a toddler. There are plenty of options for transporting two babies at once, too, such as the Ion 2 and the Latitude 2. And the strollers are so durable - not to mention as functional and as safe as can be - that you won't have to worry about wear and tear as the months go on, even if you're taking your child out for strolls in the Outback!

You can really make your Valco Baby stroller more exciting with one of their stroller accessories. The Hitch Hiker board, for example, creates a place where your toddler can stand up while she's riding in the stroller, a position many toddlers prefer. The Protector is a weather shield that repels water and folds easily into a pocket when not in use. Then there's the seat pad, which fits all Valco strollers, and the "head hugger set" offering more support and comfort to a child's head and neck. Especially cool are the Glo Bugz lights, a set of safety lights that will provide additional visibility in the dark, perfect for nighttime strolls or trick-or-treating. And the Bevi Biddy is a cup holder that's easy to install and easy to remove for cleanings. Note that not every accessory is compatible with every Valco Baby stroller, however.